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​​Positive Psychotherapy

Whether you are experiencing behavioral health concerns or struggling with a challenging life event  Positive Psychotherapy  can help!  

Behavioral Health

Our genes, environment, and stressors interact to determine our overall behavioral health. Positive Psychotherapy will help you learn how to adapt and cope with symptoms, then we will move at your pace to reduce your symptom frequency and intensity with the goal of eliminating them as challenges.





Behavioral Issues

Attention Deficit 

Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity

Major Life Events

Major Life Events are often things we have little control over - people like to label them as "good" or "bad."  Regardless of the labels we put on them, these events all cause stress and/or discomfort of some kind because we are required to adjust. Our emotional and behavioral responses to these events are determined in large part by the skills we have. 

Positive Psychotherapywill help you change your responses to life events by teaching you new skills. First, we will help you process the meaning of the event and then when you are ready we will help you learn the skills of 

grieving, acceptance, coping, and empowerment to help you manage the current event and all future events. 



Graduation / Starting College / Living on own 

Career Change / Promotion / Job loss / Work Stress

Marriage / Relationship Issues / Separation / Divorce / Break-up

Birth of a baby / Adoption

Difficult Family Dynamics

Medical Diagnosis / Medical Procedure
Trauma / Sexual Assault

Empty Nest

Retirement / Aging

Death / Loss

Life Skills

Life skills help us navigate life and the challenges that we face. We all fall into patterns of behavior and need reminders sometimes. Positive Psychotherapy can help you identify unhelpful patterns, teach you techniques to help you build your "toolbox" of skills, and help you lead a more fulfilling life.

Coping Skills

Problem solving / Planning

Awareness / Mindfulness skills

Living Authentically / Loyalty to Self / Withstanding External Pressures

Communication Skills

Finding purpose / Meaning

Interpersonal / Relational / Social Skills 

Building Healthy Boundaries

Motivational / Goal Setting

Conflict resolution

Stress management

Time Management

You are not alone with your symptoms or challenges, many others also struggle with similar difficulties.  Call (908) 334-3291 today for an appointment to learn how to manage and take control over your concerns. We will help you learn how to end your suffering